5 Types of Interactive Content To Improve Your Content Marketing

If you want to improve SEO, get more hits and even make more sales, you need to start using interactive content. Whether it comes in the form of dynamic infographics, videos, or polls and quizzes, readers want more interactive content in 2018. 

According to a recent survey by Inc, marketers said 93% of interactive content was effective at engaging readers in comparison to 70% of static content. So where should you start? Here are five types you can use to improve your content marketing.


Videos alone can make your readers more engaged. Research by Wordstream even found that using videos can increase your customer conversion rate by 86%. But to really take your content to the next level, try using interactive videos.

Videos that allow the user to choose different options or engage with the content can really get your audience involved. This can lead to more viral traffic, a lower bounce rate, and more users becoming customers.

This is a fantastic thing for your content marketing. 



Infographics are highly effective at bringing people to your website and keeping them there. Any kind of statistics related to your industry should be transformed into colorful and eye-catching infographics. But you can also make these interactive.

A common strategy is to create a map showing data from different states, or even different countries. You can also make infographics which allow people to click on different charts to see more in-depth data. These can get tons of shares on social media, so they’re great for increasing your traffic.

Hype Cycle Infographic


Quizzes and Surveys

People love giving their opinion, and they love getting answers back even more. With this in mind, you should use more polls, quizzes, and surveys in your viral marketing.

Companies often use quizzes to tell people what product would be best for them. You can also create fun quizzes, giving them a personality type or character. This kind of content often gets a lot of traction on Twitter and Facebook.

Surveys and polls allow you to collect opinions straight from your readers. This allows you to create more targeted content that will appeal to them. You can also use these to collect information for infographics.



You should make things as easy as possible for readers and potential customers. Many sites do this by offering interactive calculators.

A common example of this is loan sites which allow people to instantly see how much they can borrow and how much they’ll pay back. Fitness sites often post calorie and exercise calculators to attract more of their target audience.

Any kind of calculator will do well. If you have an idea, take it to a professional web development company (like Entexture) or a freelance coder to add something fresh and interactive to your site.

logo design calculator

Smartphone Apps

If you really want users to interact with your website, you need to get mobile. More people access the internet via their smartphones and mobile devices than ever before. If you can offer a handy app to make web browsing easy, the more people you’ll attract.

Mobile apps can also be used to promote your company in various ways. For instance, calculators and polls can be part of a smartphone app. Many online stores use apps to make buying and collecting reward points a breeze for customers. The more you can appeal to mobile users, the better, so keep this strategy in mind.

interactive smart phone apps


Interactive content will help your website in many ways. Readers will instantly be more engaged and you’ll also get more shares on social media. Over time, this will increase your viewership and improve your SEO. It’s also a great way to increase your conversion rate and make more sales. If you aren’t already employing interactive content in your content marketing strategy, then it might be time to start. You can find a professional website designer at DesignQuote.net

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